Energy Attenuation Cube

Breathe new life into your interpretation...

WellsGeo is a geoscience company that uses proprietary 3D graphical and signal processing software algorithms to produce attributes that contain high resolution geological structural and amplitude information used for oil & gas exploration. The WellsGeo software system computes attributes from a final depth or time imaged 3D seismic volume that can produce very high resolution stratigraphic detail derived from temporal, amplitude and phase changes found within the seismic wavelet. Advanced structural steering ensures that the information contained within WellsGeo attributes contain a minimal amount of structural interference and enhances the stratigraphic detail so necessary to explorationists for making upstream E&P decisions in todays challenging times. WellsGeo offers attributes for direct hydrocarbon detection, enhanced structural detection and bandwidth extension for generating high resolution seismic from conventional seismic volumes.

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The image to the right shows the WellsGeo Energy Attenuation Cube highlighting a shallow Frio channel on the Stratton 3D survey. The Energy Attenuation Cube in conjunction with the WellsGeo Unconformity Cube can be used to breathe new life into your interpretation, for sweet spot identification, wildcat prospecting or reservoir engineering.

The Stratton 3D seismic dataset was collected and made available for worldwide education and training by the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin.